David Lynch Yoga

This Beautiful Yogic Life

David Lynch is a beloved YogaWorks trained Senior E-RYT 500-hour with over a decade of teaching and teacher training experience both domestically and internationally (although he is grateful that there is no video or audio recordings to document the first few years of his “growth”). In every class, David tries to bring the five sheaths of the body: the anatomical, the physiological, the mental, the intellectual and the spiritual into a more harmonious whole while also fantasizing about the vanishing of his love handles.

David’s yoga study began back in New York City at Jivamukti in a pre-gentrified section of the lower east side with Sharon Gannon and David Life. After a move to Los Angeles after his 30th birthday (there isn't enough time to get into why and how this happened), David spent many an early morning and heated afternoon studying Ashtanga with his mentors and primary guides into the glorious world of yoga, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. After foolishly rejecting Maty's encouragement to enter TT for several years, David succumbed to the call of heart and soul and completed his Teacher Training and apprenticeship with Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford.

In honor of all those incredible teachers and souls whose influence he still proudly celebrates to this day, David’s vinyasa classes are challenging, yet compassionate, playful and probing poetic journeys into a deeper understanding of what the Buddha so eloquently spoke of as the 3 things that matter in life: “how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

Born in Philadelphia, one of five brothers and sisters, David was raised in the cushy confines of upper-middle class suburbia in Glen Ridge (NJ). David attended Seton Hall Prep (where he mixed his intellectual pursuits with football and ice hockey) before fleeing the memories/horrors of an all boys Catholic education to attend the University of London.

David spent his weekends traveling around Europe (a poor man’s version of a Henry James’ protagonist), reluctantly coming back to the United States with a profound sense of the joys of an itinerant creative life coupled with a poor record of class attendance and academic performance.

David waded into the murky waters of overly-arch and ironic men and women at the School of Visual Arts in NYC before finishing his educational journey at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Most of our spectacle wearing albino's 20’s and early 30’s were spent working as a film editor for the Shooting Gallery (our pale lad soon realized his destiny was not meant to flourish in dark editing rooms surrounded by grumpy men) before launching Cyclops Entertainment, an outlet for his writing ambitions that bore glorious fruit with their eventual work with Ted Demme.

Like many bourgeois folk looking for a new challenge to light the fire of unheeded ambition during their 30’s (and as a refuge following the untimely death of his father), David attended the prestigious Kitchen Academy to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning how to properly crack and fry an egg (which he still does rather shoddily). Upon graduation David was blessed to work at Citrus for James Beard award-winning Chef Michel Richard. Following an ugly incident involving a croissant and some fondant, David created and launched YogaChef, a catering company focusing on farm to table fare and yoga retreat cooking. Please visit www.yogachef-la.com for more information.

In 2016, David and a group of dear friends launched an online literary and arts journal dedicated to exploring aspects of the yogic life in realms that remained relatively unexplored by mainstream yoga press and popular public sentiment. YogaPoetica's first issue "Selfie" can be found at www.yogapoetica.com.

When David is not teaching his classes or cooking, he can be found on a stage somewhere in LA performing stand-up comedy at the Comedy Store on Sunset, shooting videos for www.myyogaworks.com or roaming the world in search of art in all its glorious forms.